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Reducing Sexual Risk Behavior Among Young People: A Training Toolkit for Curriculum Developers

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Although curriculum-based programs can be effective at changing behavior, not all curricula and programs are effective. About two-thirds change one or more behaviors among all participants or important groups of participants, while the remaining one-third may increase knowledge or have other positive effects but do not significantly change behavior. The programs that were effective at changing behavior were different from those that did not change behavior, and the characteristics that distinguish between effective and ineffective programs have been delineated.

Thus, this training can contribute to the overall goal of reducing HIV, STI and unintended pregnancy by helping curriculum designers develop curricula that incorporate the characteristics of effective programs, and secondarily to help other professionals provide needed support for the implementation of programs based on these curricula. When these programs are widely implemented with fidelity, they can reduce sexual risk behavior and STI/HIV transmission.

Author: Douglas Kirby ETR Associates

Publication date: 07/06/2022

Theme: Curriculum development and review

Country : South Africa

Document type : PDF files

Training Manual for South Africa v52 (FINAL) (1)
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