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Our Work

Empowering Youth in
Sub-Saharan Africa:

Explore Our O3 & O3 Plus Programmes

Click on the respective link to learn more about the impact we're making and how you can get involved. Together, we can empower young people and create a brighter future in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The O3 and O3 Plus Programmes make a direct contribution to the achievement of the SDGs around education, health and gender, and their specific targets. They also advance the attainment of other key SDGs, especially those related to poverty, hunger, and peaceful and just societies.


The Programmes are guided by UNESCO’s strategy on education for health and well-being, which is designed to achieve the SDGs through:


  • Preventing early and unintended pregnancy through good quality CSE and links to SRHS

  • Preventing new HIV infections in young people and promoting uptake of testing and treatment

  • Promoting healthy lives through skills-based education

  • Referral to health and counselling services




  • Addressing factors that contribute to school dropout and gender disparities in education e.g. early and unintended pregnancy and school-related gender-based violence

  • Eliminating bullying and discrimination in school settings

  • CSE, which ensures that all learners have the knowledge and skills to promote human rights, gender equality, peace, and non-violence 





  • CSE, which can play a key role in reducing gender inequalities by equipping girls with knowledge and skills that empower them in their communities and relationships, and improve their future employment prospects and income. CSE also promotes attitudes and values that support gender equality and tackle harmful gender norms





SDG 16

  • Education, which can help develop attitudes, values, and skills required for peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive societies

  • Safe and supportive learning environments that are free from violence and discrimination, thereby providing a model for later life and instilling respect for rights, diversity, and equality

UNESCO - O3 Program - CSE Learning Platform
UNESCO - O3 Program - CSE Learning Platform
UNESCO - O3 Program - CSE Learning Platform
UNESCO - O3 Program - CSE Learning Platform
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