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Why Focus on Young People?

If empowered with the right information and skills young people can make safe and healthy decisions about their bodies, their lives, their present and their future. A well informed young generation will accelerate efforts to eliminate new HIV infections, prevent early and unintended pregnancies (EUP), help keep girls in school longer, eliminate child marriage, gender-based violence, and other harmful norms, and practices among adolescents and young people

Be An Askable Adult

Every moment with a young person is precious! The impression one conversation or interaction makes can last for a lifetime, make sure the moments you spent with young people are positive and beneficial for them. Seek to always improve your communication skills so you never miss an opportunity to support adolescents’ healthy decisions.

What Can I Do?

Parents and Trusted Adults

Learn more about how to talk to young adolescents on various topics including love, and healthy relationships.


As an educator, you can play a key role in helping to empower adolescents. Gain confidence by learning more about your role.

Religious Leaders

Find out how you can use your position as a religious leader to become a trusted resource for young people.

Health Care Providers

Find out how you can use your position as a healthcare provider to become a trusted resource for young people.

Government Officials and CSOs

Take the lead and own the ESA Commitment as a key joint platform for addressing the needs of young people, supported closely by the RECs, COMESA, EAC & SADC.

Young People

As a young person, you can disseminate accurate information, model responsible behaviours and provide your peers with the skills and motivation to promote healthy  behaviours.

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