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Providing Safety and Support to Learners

School settings provide an important opportunity and an appropriate structure to reach large numbers of young people with comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). For most countries in the ESA region, the scale-up of CSE has been slow due to the volume of training needs, personal discomfort with discussing sex and sexuality, and lack of skills in the use of participatory teaching methodologies. As a teacher, if you have the knowledge, skills and comfort levels for effectively delivering sexuality education you can ensure that learners receive accurate and age-appropriate information that will help guide them through adolescence and enable them to make responsible decisions that impact their current and future sexual and reproductive health and overall well-being. Discover some helpful resources below:



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Much thought has gone into the design of this programme. By successfully completing this programme, educators will have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the complexities of sexuality and reproductive health and of how best to communicate this information and support students in effective decision-making.By the end of the course teachers will be able to:

  • Deliver a youth-friendly comprehensive sexuality education in schools; 

  • Identify appropriate community and government services for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support and assist learners to access these services.


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