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Progress Report - Implementation Eastern & Southern African Ministerial Commitment on CSE & SRH

Progress Report on the Implementation of the Eastern and Southern African Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Adolescents and Young People; 2015 - 2017, Civil Society Perspective

The report was led by civil society and outlines progress made in achieving the ESA Commitment targets, including the steps that government and civil society have taken to address some of the concerns raised in the 2015 report. It also assesses current gaps and makes recommendations on how the region can scale up the delivery of CSE for in- and out-of-school adolescents and young people and integrated youth-friendly health services in order to meet the ESA Commitment targets in 2020

2015 - 2017 ESA Commitment Progress Report _CSO Perspective
Download PDF • 4.00MB

Author : Bongiwe Ndondo

Publication date : 15/06/2018

Theme : ESA Commitment

Document type : PDF files


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