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CSEBytes is a microlearning initiative that aims to empower young people with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that promote their health, well-being, and dignity, enabling them to develop respectful relationships and make safe and healthy decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures. The goal is to eliminate new HIV infections, prevent early and unintended pregnancies, and eliminate harmful practices among adolescents and young people by 2030.


Why microlearning:

Microlearning is an effective approach for engaging young people with short attention spans and limited capacity for processing large amounts of information. With the proliferation of digital devices and social media, young people are constantly bombarded with information, making it easy to become overwhelmed or disengaged. By delivering CSE content in small, focused sessions (3 minutes maximum per day), learners can absorb and retain important information more effectively.


Microlearning allows for greater flexibility and customization of learning experiences, as learners can choose to engage with content at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility is particularly important for young people, who may face competing demands on their time and have varying levels of engagement with formal education.


Given the limited access to laptops and internet in the ESA Region, delivering CSE content through short messages via WhatsApp or text message on mobile phones can make CSE more accessible and effective for young people. This approach is particularly relevant for reaching marginalized communities and young people including those that are not in school or have limited access to formal education


Target Population:

YP in countries implementing the O3 Program

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